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Find the list of online mba in india here.Some of them are very known and some of them are just new.We will start the pointing system shortly.

online mba in india

Online Mater in Business administration or MBA is basically refer as a business administration.Online MBA are best for those who are busy with their professional life and want to grab a MBA degree.Also good for them which students are too far from the city or metro city and they want to studied more from a good University.These are also called as distance learning program.In that case the  students got the classes by online or in the weekend they attend the classes from the colleges.These are basically a short time course.At the end of semister students have to attend the exam.The remain part is done based on the normal way.

In india there are lot of universities who provide online mba courses.From the name it too clear the all classes done in vartual way.By the using of WBT module all the course material are stored in the online where students can take help by downloading these.Lot of universities also conduct direct cource by online using the video streaming process.

These are following name of the institutes who provides the Online MBA in india

2.  Dbu (don bosco) global
3.  Aspen University
4. University of Phoenix
5. Tiffin University
6. Kaplan University
7. Marylhurst University
9. Sikkim manipal university
11. Salem International University
12. Amity School of Distance Learning

IIM's have tied up with NIIT Imperia and Hughes.net to provide working executive a chance to upgrade their Management Skills. They are aimed at the best of working professionals who are motivated and serious about self development and are prepared to put in time and effort. These specialised programmes ensure that participants

a. Get an opportunity to have face to face interaction with the faculty
b. Develop capabilities and hone skills
c. Apply the learning to their organisations
d. Share their learning through the platform
e. Work on a live project and report their findings.

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