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Find the list of cushion cut diamond here.Some of them are very known and some of them are just new.We will start the pointing system shortly.

cushion cut diamond

Until lately, it was hard to discover Cushion Cut Diamonds on the market outside of property revenue and deals. However, cushion reduces are experiencing a little increase in reputation and are again being offered by choose precious rock suppliers, such as Red Globe.
The cushion cut is an vintage cut that most often appears like a combination between the Old My own Cut (a strong cut with huge aspects that was typical in the delayed Nineteenth and the beginning Twentieth centuries) and a modern square cut. This form is also sometimes termed as the pillow-cut or the candle mild precious rock (a referrals to reduces developed before power lighting, when diamonds sparkled in the mild offered by candles).

This cut is not as fantastic or amazing as many of the more recent reduces, but it has a fabulously loving and traditional look and definitely is exclusive from the audience of circular brilliants.

Standards for cushion cut diamonds differ commonly and more than with most modern reduces, much is remaining to personal flavor. So you will discover cushion reduces that are nearly rectangle, long quadratique, and with different dimension platforms and detail rates.

Because of the huge start aspects of the cushion cut Diamonds, opt for the biggest quality and shade your price range offers. If you're looking for a rock that most properly suits the exclusive cushion cut, opt for a length/width rate of 1.25 - 1.30.

Kesslers joined up with one of the globe's biggest blades and created a cushion to competing the smartest modern diamonds. The world has never seen a cushion like this before. Its so exclusive we had to give it a new name The Kesslers Super Secure Diamond.

The perspectives and ratios of this precious rock have been so properly developed, it shines like no other cushion on this planet. You have to see it with your own sight to believe it. But do not wait. Although we are the only jewellers in Wi to function the Super Secure, the number of challenging deposits whose ratios offer themselves to this outstanding cut is so little, our choice is restricted.

Our lowest suggestions for purchasing cushion cut diamonds are as follows (please keep in mind these suggestions are viewpoint only, and you may vary):     Cut: Good
    Color: G
    Clarity: VS2

Now if you're cheaply, you can still discover a awesome rock going with these minimums:

    Cut: Good
    Color: I
    Clarity: SI2

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