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Find the list of biners,binding,binding machines here.Some of them are very known and some of them are just new.We will start the pointing system shortly.

biners,binding,binding machines

Binding is a process to bind books,diary,paper in a right way. Binding can be spiral or comb.Other kind of bindings are done also.The machine which help to bind is called about binding machine.Spiral binding for 5 to 6 pages can be handled by manually.But binding using more than that is not too easy.Like if a requirement for binding the book then machine required and that is must to use.To solve these purpose binding machine introduced.Binding  machine or binders are 4 type these are thermal binders,spiral binders,comb binders and wiro binders.Wiro binding is specially called as wire binding which is very old mechanism and popular binding.A metal preformed binding, which is clamped through a series of punched holes on the binding edge. Wiro binding provides different kind of covers and able to bind books plastic too well.Spiral binding is too known method.In spiral binding a simple wire is just placed and bonded well.As the binding wire is spiral in shape so called as spiral binding.Spiral binding have  to placed the whole which was created on the book,magazine and bunch of papers,diary,file etc.In Comb binding a piece of plastic is bonded well in books or bunch of paper.As these are made in plastic so these can be reusable and long durable.That kind of binding specially used in school,colleges,office etc.The machine help to do that kind of binding is called as comb binders.The plastic piece look like a comb by which it called as comb binders.Plastic comb binders first punch the holes for the paper.
After punching the holes, you place a binding comb on the machine.
You then pull a handle which opens the combs up for you.
While  the comb is open, you place the comb through the holes and close   the plastic comb.
Plastic comb binding machines punch 19 holes along the 11 inch side of a paper.
Plastic combs can bind anything from 3/16 inches (12 sheets of standard 20 pound paper) to 2 inches (425 sheets of standard 20 pound paper).In the world different company produced their high range of binders which are mostly well known.Company who are making binding machine are GBC
Ibico, avanti,Renz,Akiles etc.Now question is why binding required?The answer is too simple.Binding help the following to do.1. A professional approach if some one provide any binding material like papers.Every one like to use the bounded material rather than the separate piece of paper.2. Binding keep the books,papers more durable and long lasting.As bounded so very less change to miss happened those material  and easy to use.3. Easy to use.As if any thing bonded properly then easy to use that documents in everywhere.Even that easy to caaryMuch better you can understand if give you that example. just think about a book which not bounded using a binding machine.What it will be.If that book have 1000 page then those page will be separated all time.To read the book first need to arrange the paper and then the reading can be done.Is it possible.No never than can be possible.With out binding that impossible to use a very common products.Some time a diary are found bounded in spiral binding method.As these binding process are take less time to bind and cost effective.Spiral wire can be use later if required once the diary will be useless for someone.Manually these kind of binding can be happened.Even earlier that was happened.But now a days people have less time even company have to produced or manufacturer lot of products in a short time to maintain the requirement.As productivity increased manual binding vanished.Now a days the binding are done using the binding machines only.With out binding machine that can not be possible for high productivity.These kind of machine make the work more easier.Just place the book and binding material in the justified place the remain will be done  by the machine.

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