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Find the list of credit card shredders here.Some of them are very known and some of them are just new.We will start the pointing system shortly.

credit card shredders

credit card shredders are basically shread a credit card.Normally maximum of the paper shredder are able to shread the credit card.But specially some shredders aare there which are specialist or developed in that way to smashed a card in short time span.Specially developed for card shredding.The thickness of credit card are 0.2 cm.Which means to shread a card we have to use  a shredder whose capacity of shredding is too goos.Not need to use cross card as  a card shread means once card shread in big pieces even then there is no chnace to steal information.Card notmally shread by the credit card provider company.where ton of card refunded or damaged at that time they have to shared that.The case of debit card is also same.The following are some credit card shredder which are mainly cross cut and featured based on the sheet per pass.Like as intimus have a shredder which are able to shread 10-15 sheets per pass.Thats specially for heavy use.Where shredding materials are too much and time is precious and short.Some more are listed below.
Fellowes P-48C - White Shredder3.9x50mm Cross Cut, 8 sheets per passú49.95

Fellowes P70CM Shredder
3.9x48mm Cross Cut,7 sheets per passú49.95

Swordfish 1000XC Shredder
4x39mm Cross Cut,10 sheets per passú89.95

HSM ShredStar X10 Shredder4x35mm Cross Cut,12 sheets per passú99.95

Intimus Pro 26 ShreddersChoose from 2 shred sizes,10 - 15 sheets per passú195.00

KOBRA +2 SS4 + +2 CC2 Shredders
Choose from 2 shred sizes.8 - 19 sheets per passú239.00

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