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How can i increase views on worldtradexpert pages?

You have to follow the follwoing procedure to increase visit on your WTE pages(Add pages/Product pages/Service pages):

be sure the visit not increase for same user it will increase for unique user and unique device(computer/mobile/tab) based visit.So better to unique visit by do the following. 1. Share your wte page url in Twitter in twitter share that link

2. Share your wte page url in facebook in twitter share facebook link

3. Share in stumbleupon,linkedin,pinterest and others. share that link

4. Create a blog page (free) in blogger and share your wte page link in blogger <a href="">Trimix Flooring</a>

5. Create a blog page (free) in wordpress and share your wte page link in wordpress <a href="">Trimix Flooring</a>

6. Encourage other to view your page

7. Add wte page link in your website like <a href="">Trimix Flooring</a>

8. Share the link in forum,blog. <a href="">Trimix Flooring</a>

1. Share your wte page url in g+

What the benifit i will get if my worldtradexpert page views is higher?

More visit on your wte page means more places in or wte your ads/service/products/company profile will be shown which means more leads and more profit.
The top 5-30 ads,products,services and company shown in the followings


blog page- futuretechnologyblog and other upcoming blogs

each ads page - example

all products page -

all service page -

all ads page -

that means if your ads/service/products/company profile got maximum views then you will automatically get more better result in terms of business and leads

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