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Nazareth Appts, B.K.Marg, Opposite Bristol bakery, Mahim - 400016 is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality products. Our Collection of gifts is an affluence of beauty, fun, and variety. We are an on-line boutique designed in India and they are available for you to buy whether you live within or outside of India. "Gift the Basket" is like a carousel of gifts to choose from. displays selections of gifts such as: Gift Hampers, Flower Arrangements, Cakes, Home Adornment, Fashion for men, women and babies, Seasonal Gifts, Celebratory Gifts, Personal Gifts, Electronics, Hand crafted products and so much more. Our site is always in search of novelty items that are appealing, innovative, and whenever possible one-of-a-kind gifts that are very affordable: ones that we believe will more than please your desire to find the “Right Gift” to send to that special person or for that particular occasion. As you browse through Giftthebasket .com, you will see that our on-line gifts are so attractive that you may decide to buy and send a spur of the moment gift to someone else in India as well. Our Gift the Basket on-line boutique representatives are here for you. They will guide you if you need assistance of any kind, and they will ensure that whatever gift(s) you choose to send in India will be wrapped securely and decoratively to suit the occasion. We work with accredited, reliable, vendors who provide us with both recognizable “on-the-scene” gift choices that are current and desirable as well as vintage gifts that can hold fond memories for people and can be bought and sent out only in India. Visit our on-line boutique Gift the Basket often so that we can help you find the gift(s) that you want and need to send to people anywhere in India. Our displays are divers; our selections are abundant and will more than satisfy your need to find the best gift(s) to send; and remember, buying our gift(s) in India are very affordable. G

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